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Ooh My's Story

Hey Lovebugs! My name is MyShala'e (My - Shoe - Lace... hmmm, close enough!) First I would like to personally THANK you for stopping by! It is truly my pleasure to share my passion with the world!!! I have always been into creating new things for as long as I can remember. No really! From adding crystals to practically everything; my clothes, shoes, clocks to mixing and remixing my lotions and perfumes just to create my personal ambience to suit MY<3.

Fast forward a bit. As a pharmacy tech student (for the second time might I add) I inherited a lot of information pertaining to drugs ranging from self-prescribed to the ones in our medicine cabinet as well as chemical analysis. Ya know, REAL big girl stuff. One particular day we made hand sanitizer and right away there was love in the air! Actually it was more alcohol than anything else in the air but I digress. I soon realized that there was an untouched market, yes, in hand sanitizer. I wanted to create a sanitizer that sanitized AND moisturized while leaving signature scents strong enough to rock alone or soft enough to compliment perfumes, lotions, or body butter... Ooh My's Body Butter that is. These too, follow the same concept in regards to the scents. Plus, all of MY products are handmade without the use of harsh chemicals!


As for the name Ooh My, well that has been a statement I have heard my entire life. Funny how, if given time, everything comes full circle... 

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